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CMS-Japanese Motorcycle Supply Parts Visit the motorcycle parts website that I recommend - Located in Holland.
Incredible well organized collection of Vintage NOS Honda Parts. Prices are in Euros! They ship worldwide.
Bike Bandit OEM Parts - Online Schematics - Parts Lists -- Great source for non-OEM parts for the Hondas

Vintage Japanese Salvage Yards

Cooper's Motorcycle Salvage -
Franklin NH
Huge collection of vintage japanese MC Parts

Cycle Salvage -
New Haven, CT
Huge collection of vintage japanese MC Parts

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Honda XR and XL side panel, headlight shroud, tank, and PRO-LINK decals, many models in stock, computer cut to exact OEM specs.
Decals for vintage Hondas
Reproduction Decals for vintage motorcycles

KNK Cycles
CB and CM Decals

Original NOS Honda keys

High Performance Vintage Brakes